Steps involved : Singapore company incorporation by personal visit

Step 1

Send scanned copies of all documents by email

Get scanned copies of all the documents required for incorporation and send it to us via email. After receiving those documents we will quickly go through it and let you know if any further documents are required.
Please take color scans from original documents, using a scanner. No photos taken by iphone please !

    Step 2

    Name reservation

    We will file application for name reservation with the company registrar. If the name is available then the approval usually comes in 1-2 hours. However if the name you wish to reserve contains specific words like bank, insurance, law, government, ministry etc then the name will be referred to relevant authorities. In that case the approval can take as long as 1 month.
    It might also happen that the name you wish to use is rejected as it is too close to an existing business name. In that case you will need to select some other name.
    Once the name is approved we can prepare the incorporation documents.

      Step 3

      Your visit to Singapore : Day 1 : Sign incorporation documents

      All the directors and shareholders of the proposed new company will need to plan your visit to Singapore for approximately 3 days. In this period incorporation formalities will be completed and also bank account opening application will be lodged.

      On the first day we will go through all original documents like passport and residential proof. You will also need to sign all the forms. After this verification and signing the company will be incorporated same day.

      All the incorporation documents will be mailed to you same day.

      • Duration:of your visit 1 Hour
      Step 4

      Your visit to Singapore : Day 2 : Meeting with Bank representative

      On day two we will organise your meeting with the bank representative. The meeting will be either in our office or in bank office. This usually depends on the bank you choose. You will be signing the forms for bank account opening and select the bank services you want.

      After this the work on incorporation and bank account opening is over. 3rd day is more as a buffer, in case banks have more questions.

      • Duration:1 Hour
      Step 5

      Post incorporation activities

      Depending on your business plan there might be additional tasks need to be carried out. We will start on these activities immediately after the incorporation. Some of the examples of these are application of specific business license, application for employment passes, registering with Singapore customs, GST registration etc.

      Duration of these activities will depend on specific case to case basis.

        Step 6

        Receipt of bank documents at our office

        Over next 2 weeks, we will receive various bank documents of your new Singapore company at our office. These typically include cheque book, debit card, password slips and bank token. After receipt we will forward this to your specified address in your home country.