Package OJ-1: BVI Company incorporation + Bank account in Singapore


About this package

BVI Business Companies(BC’s) are a very popular and widely used offshore companies because of their administrative ease, flexibility, taxation exempt status and the fact that they are widely accepted and understood by the international financial community. BVI is a popular choice for tax planning and investment holding purpose. A Company in BVI can be incorporated without actual visit. The company need not own any real property in the BVI, and it may not carry any business in BVI.

After incorporation a BVI company can also open a bank account in Singapore and use it for transacting their business. This can be especially helpful if you are looking for a flexibility of keeping your funds in an economically stable country, for further business use.


    Important note

    Since in this case the bank is approving an account for the business registered out of Singapore the checks they carry are usually through. Therefore it is important that you provide all relevant information about your existing business, copies of contracts, invoices etc as requested.

    BVI companies comes in different packages and with different options. However to be able to open bank account in Singapore for a BVI company you need to have specific documents and clauses in Memorandum and articles of association. This generally increases the cost of incorporation.


      We require following documents from you

      You can send us scanned copies of these documents, and bring original documents for verification during your visit to Singapore.
      Documents must be in English, otherwise official translation will be required.

        Transcend BVI company registration form

        This form captures all relevant details for the propsed new BVI company like company name, shareholding structure, Directors and shareholders of the company

        Transcend KYC form

        KYC form collects information about client's existing business and purpose of new BVI entity.

        Copies of passports of all directors / shareholders of proposed new company

        Proof of identification of all Directors / Shareholders of new company. in case of Singapore residents the NRIC will be required.

        Residential address proof of all directors / shareholders

        Usually utility bill, telephone bill, bank statement with address will suffice

        Clients business profile / work profile in his home country

        Certificate of incorporation of your business in home country. Also provide the proof of how you are related to this business. Generally Memorandum of Association of company in home country where you have signed as subscriber is enough.

        Bank statement / Bank reference letter

        Issued in the name of your business in home country. Alternatively reference letter issued in your personal name is ok.

        Additional documents

        For the BVI incorporation we also need additional documents from you. We will guide about these documents for your case once we receive above documents

        Package price is explained in two parts. First the cost at the time of initial setup and recurring cost for subsequent years

        Drop us a note to know the cost of this package

        BVI company incorporation takes a week's time. The package includes following;

        1Certificate of company incorporation
        2Memorandum and articles of association of the company
        3BVI Company stamp
        4Necessary guidance for opening bank account
        5Share certificates
        6First board meeting minutes

        Process flow : Following steps are involved in this company incorporation process


        Provide all relevant details as above

        Provide the scanned copies of documents and our forms with relevant details

        Consultation with bank representative

        We will pass above details to the bank representative and get indicative approval for bank account


        You will be required to make the payment once bank representative provides his indicative pre-approval.

        BVI Incorporation

        After the payment we will send details for BVI company registration. Company usually gets incorporated in a day and it takes another 3-4 days to receive documents at our office.

        Your visit to Singapore for bank account opening

        After the BVI company is incorporated you will need to visit Singapore for completing bank account opening formalities. Usually a visit for 2 days will suffice.

        Bank documents

        Bank will process your account in few days and send all the documents to you at your address