Package LC-3: Limited Liabilty Partnership (LLP) registration


About this package

A Limited Liability Partnership or LLP is defined as a partnership wherein two or more individuals form a partnership that has its legal existence as per the laws. In this type of partnership one partner is not liable to the activities carried out by any other partner of the company. In other words, LLP offers a perfect blend of partnership combined with company’s advantage. Corporate people and normal citizens of the country are legible to form such a partnership. Usually it is seen that professionals such as investment consultants, accountants, doctors and lawyers form a LLP.

    Details required

    We require following details from you

    Most of the times you can provide these details to us when you visit our office for registration. Singapore residents should bring original NRIC whereas foreigners should bring their original passport.

      LLP registration details

      provide us the details of proposed business name and the intended activity

      Your NRIC and passport (in case of foreigners)

      We will make the necessary scanned copies of these documents as appropriately required

      Necessary signed forms

      When you visit our office for registration, we will prepare necessary forms for registration which needs to be signed by all the partners of the LLP

      Below section explains the cost associated with registration of LLP

      One time setup cost

      LLP registration (Including government fees) 650 SGD
      Registered Office Facility (1 year) (If required)600 SGD

      Registration is done on the same day you sign documents. This package includes following

      1Name reservation
      2Preparation of registration forms
      3Bank account opening guidance
      4Business profile for ACRA
      5Home Office Scheme license application
      7Business rubber stamp
      8All government fees included

      Following steps are involved in this process.


      Make an appointment

      Give us a call and make an appointment. For the complete process you will need approx. 30-45 minutes time.

      Visit our office

      Visit our office at the appointed time. All the partners need to visit in person. Please bring your NRIC. In case of foreigner partner please bring passport.

      Prepare and sign documents

      Our staff will prepare documents for registration, which you will need to sign.


      Make the payment of applicable charges. After the payment you can leave our office. Our staff will proceed for registration of LLP.

      LLP documents sent to you

      After registration all the LLP documents will be email to you. Registration usually happens on the same day.

      Open bank account

      After we email all the documents, you can proceed to open bank account in the bank of your choice