Package ND-1: Nominee Director for your existing company


About this package

Previously as a resident you might have established your own company in Singapore. However if you are planning to relocate and still want to keep company live, then you will need to find a nominee resident director for your company. This package explains you the cost and process for appointing a nominee Director.


    We require following documents from you

    You can send us scanned copies of these documents. Even though your company is already incorporated, we need to know enough about your background before offering our nominee Director service.

      Transcend KYC form

      KYC form collects information about client's existing business and purpose of new Singapore entity. This form is important consideration before providing Nominee Director service

      Copies of passports of all directors / shareholders of proposed new company

      Proof of identification of all Directors / Shareholders of new company. in case of Singapore residents the NRIC will be required.

      Residential address proof of all directors / shareholders

      Usually utility bill, telephone bill, bank statement with address will suffice

      Bank statement / Bank reference letter for existing company

      Issued in the name of your Singapore company, and last 6 months bank statements of the Singapore company

      Package price is explained in two parts. First the cost at the time of initial setup and recurring cost for subsequent years

      One time cost at the time of appointment of nominee director

      Registered Office Facility (1 year)600 SGD
      Company Secretary for 1 year800 SGD
      Nominee Director for 1 year3000 SGD
      Total setup cost4400 SGD
      Refundable deposit for Nominee Director2000 SGD
      Total payment at the time of setup6400 SGD

      Recurring cost every year from year 2 onwards

      Service chargedAmount
      Registered Office Facility (1 year)600 SGD
      Company Secretary for 1 year800 SGD
      Nominee Director for 1 year3000 SGD
      Total charges from year 24400 SGD

      Following steps are involved in this process. You will also need to visit our office for signing the resolutions


      Provide required documents

      Provide the scanned copies of documents and our forms with relevant details

      Signing and payment

      Visit our office for signing all relevant documents and for making the payment

      Appointment of nominee Director

      once all formalities are completed we will proceed to appoint nominee Director for your company