Package RO-1: Representative office registration + employment pass for one person


About this package

Suitable for a foreign company which intends to setup an office in Singapore for market research or administrative support purpose. Please note that a representative office can not book sales. A representative office is also not allowed to carry out any activities either on its own name or in the name of parent company which results into yielding profit. In this case first representative office will be registered and then employment pass for the qualified staff applied.

Please note however approval of employment pass is decided by Ministry of Manpower Singapore. Reputed university qualification, several years of work experience, reasonable capital and good current salary are necessary for this route.


    All new applications should fulfil the following criteria

    1.  Sales of the foreign entity must be more than US$250,000 in last year
    2. Foreign parent entity is established for more than 3 years
    3. In case the foreign entity is unable to fulfil above criteria then please provide brochure, website details and also the business plan explaining the need for rep office in Singapore

      We require following documents from you

      You can send us scanned copies of these documents, and bring original documents for verification during your visit to Singapore.
      Documents must be in English, otherwise official translation will be required.

        Representative office registration form

        This form will provide us required details about your business in home country

        Certificate of incorporation

        Copy of the certificate of incorporation of the parent entity

        Parent company board resolution

        Copy of the board resolution of the parent company confirming its decision to incorporate a representative office in Singapore and the representative authorised

        Parent company’s latest audited results

        Copy of the parent company’s latest annual report and audited accounts

        Other relevant information

        You can provide additional information like your business plan, brochures and need for representative office in Singapore

        Passport copy relocating employee

        Scanned copy of the passport of the key employee relocating to Singapore for work

        Relocating employee CV

        CV / Resume of the senior employee who will be applying for Employment pass after incorporation

        Completed Employment pass application form

        Completed employment pass application form for each person applying for EP

        Educational certificate copies + Transcripts

        For employment pass application we need clear scan copies of your educational certificates. For educational qualifications from some countries we will also need the Transcripts (Mark-sheets).

        Additional documents

        There will be some additional documents we may need depending on your specific case. For example these can be copy of marriage certificate of the relocating employee if he also needs Dependent pass for the spouse to be processed

        Package price is explained below. In case of representative office there is only setup cost and no recurring cost

        One time cost at the time of registration

        Representative office registration 1000 SGD
        Registered Office Facility (1 year)600 SGD
        Employment pass processing for 1 person1200 SGD
        Total setup cost2800 SGD

        It takes approximately 1 week to 2 weeks’ time for registration . After registration we will provide below documents to you

        1Certificate of representative office registration
        2Scanned copy of all registration documents you signed in our office

        This package price also includes following

        1Free bank account opening with certain banks
        2Rubber Stamp
        3Government fees are included

        Following steps are involved in this process


        Provide Representative office registration details

        Provide the scanned copies of documents and our forms with relevant details


        Upon receipt of the completed form, we will send you an invoice for our services. Payment must be made in advance before we commence the registration process

        Register representative office

        After the documents are signed, we will proceed for registration.

        Open Bank Account

        After the registration is done we will organise your meeting with the bank. Bank will conduct its due diligence before opening the account

        Apply for employment pass

        Apply for employment pass + dependent passes as applicable