Package BR-1: Singapore branch office + two nominee local agents on an ongoing basis


About this package

Branch office is a special form of organisation in Singapore where the 100% shareholding is by parent company and the liability of branch office extends to the parent company. Branch office is not an independent entity instead it is an extension of parent company in Singapore.


    We require following documents from you

    You can send us scanned copies of these documents, and bring original documents for verification during your visit to Singapore.
    Documents must be in English, otherwise official translation will be required.

      Transcend branch registration form

      This form captures all relevant details like company name, shareholding structure, Directors and shareholders of the company

      Transcend KYC form

      KYC form collects information about client's existing business and purpose of new Singapore entity. This form is important consideration before providing Nominee resident agent service

      Certificate of incorporation

      Copy of the certificate of incorporation of the parent entity

      Parent company details extracts

      Company particulars extracted from Company registrar (also called certificate of incumbency).
      Name, address and passport number of all the directors of parent company will be required.

      Passport copies of all directors of parent company

      Please provide scanned copies of passports of all directors of parent company

      Parent company board resolution

      Copy of the board resolution of the parent company confirming its decision to incorporate a branch office in Singapore and the person nominated as authorised representative to take necessary steps

      Copies of passport of authorised representative

      Proof of identification of the authorised representative. In case of Singapore residents the NRIC will be required

      Bank statement / Bank reference letter

      Issued in the name of your business in home country

      Memorandum of appointment of Nominee local agents

      This document specifies the powers / responsibilities of nominee local agents. We will provide draft of this to you

      Package price is explained in two parts. First the cost at the time of initial setup and recurring cost for subsequent years

      One time cost at the time of branch office registration

      Branch registration 1200 SGD
      Registered Office Facility (1 year)600 SGD
      Nominee Local agent ( 2 Agents X 3000 SGD) Per year6000 SGD
      Total setup cost7800 SGD
      Refundable deposit for Nominee agents2000 SGD
      Total payment at the time of setup9800 SGD

      Recurring cost every year from year 2 onwards

      Service chargedAmount
      Registered Office Facility (1 year)600 SGD
      ACRA compliance package (Secretary is not required for branch office)800 SGD
      Nominee local agents (2 X 3000 SGD)6000 SGD
      Total charges from year 27400 SGD

      Branch office is registered on the same day you sign documents. After incorporation we will email below documents to you

      1Electronic certificate of branch incorporation
      2Branch profile extract form Registrar of Companies (called ACRA Bizprofile)
      3Scanned copy of all incorporation documents you signed in our office

      This package price also includes following

      1Free bank account opening with certain banks
      4Rubber Stamp
      5First board meeting minutes
      6All government fees and name reservation charges are included

      Following steps are involved in this process


      Provide branch Incorporation Details

      Provide the scanned copies of documents and our forms with relevant details


      Upon receipt of the completed form, we will send you an invoice for our services. Payment must be made in advance before we commence the registration

      Prepare Incorporation Documents

      Upon receipt of the payment, we will prepare the necessary incorporation documents. You will need to visit our office to sign the documents in person. In case you want to send notarized documents from your home country then that option is also available.

      Branch incorporation

      After the documents are signed, we will proceed to incorporate the branch.

      Open Bank Account

      After the branch is incorporated we will organise your meeting with the bank. Bank will conduct its due diligence before opening the account