Singapore employment pass / Dependent pass application

Transcend Consulting can provide you services for administering employment passes for your company. Our affiliate “Recruitedge Solutions Pte Ltd (EA license number:13C6499) is fully authorised to apply for employment passes on our clients behalf.
We provide services to lodge the employment pass application however the final decision of approval is by Ministry of Manpower Singapore.

About employment pass

Employment Pass (EP) is a working visa issued to foreign workers employed in Singapore. It allows them to enter the country for work and provides them the opportunity to become a permanent resident of Singapore after a stay of few years. It has a validity of one to two years and can be renewed as long as the employee still works in a Singapore company.
Every application for employment pass must be sponsored by a Singapore registered company. So having a job offer from such a company is essential.
If you do not have such job from Singapore based company then you can explore following options;
  1. If you qualify for PEP (Personalised Employment Pass) then we can help you to apply it on your merit (PEP candidate do not require sponsorship)
  2. If you are interested in opening business in Singapore and apply for your own EP under that company then you can explore our company incorporation package FR-2.

    About dependent pass

    Immediate family members of foreign workers in Singapore are allowed to enter and stay in the country through the Singapore Dependant’s Pass or DP. This family relocation visa is provided to the worker’s family members and is tied to his or her employment status in Singapore. Each eligible member of the family must have their own individual DP.

      Documents required for employment pass application

      EP Application Form 8. (We will provide you this form) The application for EP must be sponsored by a Singapore registered company

      A copy of resume detailing the applicant’s work experience

      Copies of educational certificates and transcripts (Marksheets)

      A copy of the personal particulars page of the applicant’s passport

      Copy of business profile for the Singapore company

      Detailed description of the duties to be performed by the applicant

      Additional supporting documents may be required on case to case basis

      Documents required for dependent pass application

      Completed Dependent pass application form (for each dependent)

      Marriage Certificate copy

      Birth Certificate copy of child(ren)

      Copy of Adoption Certificate for adopted child(ren)

      Copy of personal details in the passport

      Educational references of applicant, if applicable

      Enrolment details in Singapore educational system, if applicable

      Details of salary from most recent employment, if applicable

      Parents must sign in behalf of children below 16 years of age. A copy of the original certificate must be submitted alongside a certified translation if the document is not written in English.

      Charges for filing Employment pass / Dependent pass application

      ServicesFees in SGD (Per application)
      Employment Pass application (including appeal if necessary)1300 SGD
      Dependent Pass application for spouse / children800 SGD
      Long Term Visit Pass application for parents / step children800 SGD
      Renewal of employment pass700 SGD
      Cancellation of employment pass500 SGD
      For approved employment / dependent pass additional charges of 180 SGD for visa issuance will be applicable.


      Once all the required details are available we will submit your application online. Generally Ministry of Manpower will respond on application within 7 working days (Though it certain cases they can take more time).


        In case your employment pass application is rejected, we will file free appeal for you. However in this case you may need to provide more information and supporting documents based on rejection reason.

          Fair consideration framework applicable in some cases

          In a drive to promote opportunities to local Singaporeans, the Ministry of Manpower has introduced Fair Consideration Framework, from 1 August 2014. As per these regulations firms submitting Employment Pass (EP) applications (including for EP holders who are changing employers) are required to advertise their job vacancies on the “Job bank” which is a government run recruitment website. The job advertisement must be open to Singaporeans, and run for or at least 14 calendar days. Firms that submit EP applications prior to the close of the 14 day advertising period will not be able to proceed with their EP applications. After the advertising period, the firm can hire the most qualified candidate, regardless of nationality. If during this 14 days period if no suitable candidate is found from the job bank then the firm can proceed to apply for employment pass. Ministry officials will access the data from job bank to see if the suitable candidates applied or not.
          The above requirement is not applicable for companies with less than 25 employees, jobs with salary of above 12000 SGD per month and Inter-company transfers.

            Collection of employment pass

            In principle approval letter (IPA)

            Once the employment pass is approved and IPA (In principle approval letter) will be issued. It includes one way visit visa to Singapore. The validity period of this letter is 6 months. That means you have six months to relocate to Singapore and activate your employment pass.

              Medical examination (If applicable)

              IPA letter will also mention the documents required and next steps involved in card registration. In some cases the candidate may need to go through medical exam.

                Issue of EP and fingerprinting

                Once IPA is issued, you will need to visit Singapore and complete medical checkup (if applicable). Then you will need to visit our office for issue of EP. Once the EP is issued then you will need to visit Ministry of Manpower office for fingerprinting and card registration.

                  Card collection

                  Employment pass card is then posted to our address in 5 working days which you can collect from us.