Package LC-2: Sole proprietorship registration + Letter of consent application


About this package

This package is for people who are on dependent pass and want to do some small business of their own in Singapore. Technically a dependent pass holder is not allowed to work in Singapore. So even if you register a sole proprietorship you still need to get consent to work in Singapore.

Please note letter of consent application is subject to approval by ministry of manpower Singapore.


    We require following documents from you

    You can send us scanned copies of these documents by email first. You will obviously need to visit our office for signing documents

      Sole proprietorship registration details

      provide us the details of proposed business name and the intended activity

      Scanned copy of your dependent pass

      Scanned copy of your dependent pass card and your residential address

      Your CV

      Copy of your resume

      Completed LOC application form

      Completed LOC application form

      Educational certificate copies + Transcripts

      For LOC application we need clear scan copies of your educational certificates. For educational qualifications from some countries we will also need the Transcripts (Mark-sheets).

      Below section explains the cost associated with sole proprietorship registration and LOC application

      One time setup cost

      Sole proprietorship registration 1000 SGD
      Registered Office Facility (1 year) (If required)600 SGD
      Letter of Consent processing 700 SGD
      Total setup cost2300 SGD

      Registration is done on the same day you sign documents. This package includes following

      1Name reservation
      2Preparation of registration forms
      3Bank account opening guidance
      4Business profile for ACRA
      5Home Office Scheme license application
      6Letter of Consent (LOC) application
      7Business rubber stamp
      8All government fees included

      Following steps are involved in this process


      Provide Sole proprietorship registration Details

      Provide the scanned copies of documents and our forms with relevant details


      Upon receipt of the completed form, we will send you an invoice for our services. Payment must be made in advance before we commence the registration process.

      Prepare registration Documents

      Upon receipt of the payment, we will prepare the necessary registration documents. You will need to visit our office to sign the documents in person.

      Register sole proprietorship

      After the documents are signed, we will proceed for registration.

      Apply for LOC

      Apply for the letter of consent