Customised BPO solutions

In addition to company incorporation, accounting, tax and related services we also offer customised BPO services to medium and large corporates in Singapore. These services can be categorised in following;
      Customised operations solutions for established corporates
      Billing services
      Project execution services
      Augmentation services
      Project running services

Why the need of unique BPO solutions?

In today’s dynamic world companies often are faced with complex situations. At times they have requirements to run a specific project for short time (Usually 6 months to 2 years) to achieve a specific objectives and the reaction time is usually very short. In such a situation companies are often looking for a specific, unconventional and unique solution to their needs from outsourcing providers.

Large corporates often find it difficult to run these kind of projects in house because of following constraints;

They may not have an approval for necessary headcount

The requirement might be different from their main business line. So their legal and compliance team may not allow running such project in-house

Large corporates often has a rigid structure but the situation requires dynamic response

They may not have necessary skills to handle all these tasks in a short period of time

Activities may involve diverse tasks like – setting up a legal entity, getting necessary legal advice, Putting up a website, activating IT/CRM for the project purpose, setting up accounting & banking facilities, Staff augmentation and arrangement of workplace for the project and so on

The setup usually needs to be dissolved after the project is completed

Building and executing these solutions often require a dynamic team which most of the large BPOs are unable to offer. We can help you in following ways;


Legal structure & Advice

We can study your specific needs and advise on the suitable structure to achieve it. This might often involve setting up a separate legal entity and operations structure for it. We will also advise you on the applicability of Singapore laws specific to your project objectives.


    Operations & systems

    We can help you to setup necessary operating procedures, backend IT systems to support these kind of projects.


      Accounting and banking

      We can help you to setup necessary accounting and banking processes. Merchant accounts, Escrow services with reputed bankers in Singapore.


        Staff augmentation

        Projects of these types often require staff to be arranged for a temporary term. We can help you to arrange suitable staff in Singapore for carrying necessary tasks. Often this staff can be trained to access your in-house systems to complete the project work.


          Space & infrastructure

          We can organise necessary space and infrastructure for the period of project execution.


            Provide all above as a complete solution

            Last but not least we can run this entire project as a service with right SLA’s in place.

              Next steps

              In case you have requirements which you want to explore further please drop us a mail at and we will be happy to explore further.