Frequently asked questions about Singapore company incorporation process, steps and timeline

We take 100% payment in advance before the incorporation work commences. We accept bank transfer, nets, cash and cheque / draft issued by local banks. If you are transferring money by bank transfer then you need to initiate this sufficiently in advance as most of the bank transfers take 2 days to reflect in our account.

Unfortunately we do not have arrangement for credit card payment.

Unfortunately we do not have arrangement for payment by installments.

Deposit is for protecting interest of the nominee Director. In case the foreign promoters goes missing then nominee Director will face penalties. To protect this cost the deposit is collected. A reputed and well established business should have no problems in paying such deposit.

Yes that is possible. In that case you will need to send us incorporation forms signed and notarised by courier. Also please note, banks will anyway need your presence for account opening. So a personal visit is actually recommended.

One day is not enough time to complete both the tasks. You need minimum two working days. However if you only want to incorporate the company then it can be arranged in one day.

Details of your overseas businesses are not lodged anywhere during incorporation process. However these details are still required for following two reasons;

  1. Banks will need to know enough about your background before approving your Singapore company bank account
  2. We need to know enough about your background before providing nominee director service

You should carry all the documents of which you have send us a scanned copy. We will need it for verification.

No. In most of the cases initial deposit for the bank account must be paid at the time of opening the account. Please carry 3000 SGD for opening SGD account or 1000 SGD for opening USD or EURO account.