Steps involved : Singapore company incorporation without personal visit

This page will explain you the steps to be taken for incorporating a Singapore company without personal presence. For this you will need to sign the incorporation forms in your country of residence and get it notarised, and then courier all these documents to us. Generally we don’t recommend this process for two reasons;
1. Banks in Singapore anyway need your personal presence for account opening. They don’t accept notarised documents
2. In some countries getting documents notarised in English is difficult. Documents notarised in other languages are not acceptable

Opening bank account from home country

If you have an established business in your home country and good banking relations with large banks like Citibank, HSBC, Standard Chartered, SBI etc then it might be still possible to open a bank account for your new Singapore company in your home country itself.

Check if your bank has branch in Singapore and then speak to your relationship manager.

    Steps to be taken

    Step 1

    Send scanned copies of all documents by email

    Get scanned copies of all the documents required for incorporation and send it to us via email. After receiving those documents we will quickly go through it and let you know if any further documents are required.
    Please take color scans from original documents, using a scanner. No photos taken by iphone please !

      Step 2

      Name reservation

      We will file application for name reservation with the company registrar. If the name is available then the approval usually comes in 1-2 hours. However if the name you wish to reserve contains specific words like bank, insurance, law, government, ministry etc then the name will be referred to relevant authorities. In that case the approval can take as long as 1 month.
      It might also happen that the name you wish to use is rejected as it is too close to an existing business name. In that case you will need to select some other name.
      Once the name is approved we can prepare the incorporation documents.

        Step 3

        Preparation of incorporation forms

        Based on the documents provided by you and the name selected, we will prepare all the incorporation forms as per Singapore companies act and any additional agreements required. All these documents we will email to you

          Step 4

          Signing in front of the notary

          Shareholders and foreign directors will need to sign the documents in your home country in front of the notary. Notary official will have to attest the identity of the person signing. Also a certified copy of passport must be attached along with these documents. Notarisation process must be done in English language.

          Courier all these notarised documents to us, and we will proceed for incorporating your company.

            Step 5

            Post incorporation activities

            Depending on your business plan there might be additional tasks need to be carried out. We will start on these activities immediately after the incorporation. Some of the examples of these are application of specific business license, application for employment passes, registering with Singapore customs, GST registration etc.

            Duration of these activities will depend on specific case to case basis.