How to Get Your Family Members a Singapore Dependant Pass

Immediate family members of foreign workers in Singapore are allowed to enter and stay in the country through the Singapore Dependant’s Pass or DP. This family relocation visa is provided to the worker’s family members and is tied to his or her employment status in Singapore. Each eligible member of the family must have their own individual DP.

Who is eligible to get a Dependant’s Pass?

Before a foreign worker can secure a DP for his/her family members, s/he must be a holder of any government-issued work pass such as EntrePass, Employment Pass, PEP, or S Pass. Family members who are DP-eligible are spouses and children who are single and below 21 years of age. However note that there are conditions about the minimum salary of the main employment pass holder which must be satisfied before DP is approved.

Below table will explain you the eligibility of various main pass holders to bring family members on a dependent pass.

Employment pass typeWhom you can bring on Dependent passPass P11. Legally married spouse
2. Unmarried children below 21 years
3. Legally adopted children below 21 years
Pass P21. Legally married spouse
2. Unmarried children below 21 years
3. Legally adopted children below 21 years
Pass Q1 /S pass (Monthly salary > 4000 SGD)1. Legally married spouse
2. Unmarried children below 21 years
3. Legally adopted children below 21 years
Pass Q1 /S pass (Monthly salary < 4000 SGD)[/st_col][st_col col_style="default"]None[/st_col][/st_row][/st_table]

What documents are needed to apply for DP?

Aside from the DP Application Form, an applicant must supply the following documentation:

  1. Marriage Certificate copy
  2. Birth Certificate copy of child(ren)
  3. Copy of Adoption Certificate for adopted child(ren)
  4. Copy of personal details in the passport
  5. Educational references of applicant, if applicable
  6. Enrollment details in Singapore educational system, if applicable
  7. Details of salary from most recent employment, if applicable

Parents must sign in behalf of children below 16 years of age. A copy of the original certificate must be submitted alongside a certified translation if the document is not written in English.

DP Application Process and Timeline

Prior to submission of all required documents, the employer of the Employment Pass holder must first endorse the DP application. A foreign worker can process EP and DP simultaneously or separately. Approval of the DP is a mere formality once all requirements are met by the applicant. Simultaneous EP and DP application will allow approval at the same time. If filed separately, the DP will be processed in one to two weeks.

An In-Principle-Approval (IPA) letter is issued once the application for DP is approved. The members of the family must personally secure the pass in Singapore. When collecting the DP, the family member(s) must bring the following:

  1. IPA Letter
  2. One passport-size photo
  3. Other required documents like medical test report, etc.

Some frequently asked questions about dependant passes

Employment of DP holders is possible in Singapore as long as the prospective employer applies for a Letter of Consent (LOC) from relevant Singapore authorities. The process takes about four to six weeks to complete. The validity of the LOC goes hand-in-hand with that of the DP; thus renewal of the two is required.

Enrollment by DP children to any Singapore local or international K12 educational institutions is allowed without the need to secure a student visa. For those who plan to engage in higher education, a student visa is mandatory.

Permanent residence is status is open to all DP and EP holders. Once the application for permanent residency of an EP holder is approved, the PR application of the DP holder is approved altogether.

If you get a job offer in Singapore, then employing company has two options. Sponsor either a Letter of consent to work or apply for your employment pass. Applying a letter of consent is usually a simpler affair then applying for Employment pass. Employment pass application will need to pass stricter guidelines.

Unfortunately only parents of the mail employment pass holder can be sponsored for long term social visit pass.