Strike off your company from ACRA registers

In an unfortunate event that your business cease to do operations, you will need to close the company. In case you do not close the company you will need to continue to comply with government norms every year, like AGM/ annual return and IRAS filing.

The usual route for closing the company is to strike it off from ACRA registers. Striking off is a faster, cheaper and simpler process. However there are some pre-requisites for striking off. A company which is insolvent can not go for strike off process, instead it needs to be liquidated.

Ignoring an inactive company is not a good idea. You still need to complete its annual return and also submit accounts and P&L details to IRAS. For late filing of annual return ACRA can fine you anywhere from 50 SGD to 700 SGD per year. Consistently ignoring compliance matters may result in court summon being issued in your name. Striking off the company is generally the best option in such cases.

What is the difference between strike off a company and winding up of a company (liquidation)

If the company has merely stopped the operations due to low profitability or lack of interest by the entrepreneur but has no outstanding debts, or has outstanding debts which can be easily paid of then such a company is considered as a solvent company. A solvent company can file application for strike off. Process of strike off is relatively simple and cost effective. This process can be initiated with the help of competent secretarial firm.

In case a company is insolvent, meaning it cannot pay its debts out of its assets then it cannot apply for the strike off procedure. In that case the company must go for winding up (liquidation). Winding up can be triggered either by shareholders or creditors of the company (which is called voluntary winding up) or it can be dictated by a court which is called compulsory winding up.
Winding up is essentially a complicate process where a liquidator must be appointed who will look over the distribution of assets according to legal or contractual priority.

Following conditions must be met before a company can file application for strike off

The company must have ceased trading or not commenced business from the date of incorporation

The company must not have any outstanding tax liabilities with IRAS

The company must not be indebted to any other government agency like IRAS, CPF board, licensing authorities

The company must not have any outstanding charges in the company’s charge register

The company must not be involved in any court proceedings (within or outside Singapore)

The company must not have any current/contingent assets and liabilities

The accounts attached must be drawn up till the date of cessation indicated in the application

If the company is dormant then, No business transaction since incorporation or since last submission of accounts

Not opened a bank accounts or the bank account has been closed before last submission of accounts (For a dormant company)

Not held an AGM or the first AGM to be held within 18 months from the date of incorporation is not due (in case of a Dormant Company)

Company strike off packages


Package A : Dormant Company Strike off

For a company which is dormant since inception or since last preparation and submission of accounts. In this case there is no need to prepare fresh accounts as the company is dormant since accounts were submitted last time to ACRA and IRAS.

    Strike off dormant company
    Preparation of all resolutions, Completing pending AGMs, letters to IRAS, submission of strike off application and tracking whole process.
    400 SGD

    Package B : Preparation of accounts + strike off

    This package is suitable for a company which had transactions and accounts need to be prepared. Note that legally you need to complete accounts before striking off application is made.
    In this package we will first prepare the accounts and complete any outstanding matters like IRAS submission/ AGMs. Once these pending matters are completed, the application for strike off will be lodged.


      Approx cost

      Preparation of accounts (Low volume)900 SGD
      Strike off process Preparation of all resolutions, letters to IRAS, submission of strike off application and tracking whole process400 SGD
      Total1300 SGD

      Timeline of the strike off process

      Preparation of accounts & completing pending matters

      Before an application for company strike off is lodged all pending matters like accounting, AGM, IRAS need to be cleared. Usually it will take a period of approx.. 2-3 weeks for completing these activities. Once these activities are completed an application for strike off is lodged.

      Striking off notice

      Once the application for strike off is approved, ACRA will send a striking off notice to the company’s registered office address, Directors, secretary and IRAS.

      First gazette publication

      After a 1 month period, if no objection is received, ACRA will publish the name of the company in the Government Gazette. This is known as the First Gazette Notification.

      Final gazette notification

      After a 3-month period from the First Gazette Notification, if there is no objection, ACRA will publish the name of the company in the Government Gazette and the name of the company will be struck off the register. The date that the company is struck off will be stated. This is known as the Final Gazette Notification.

      Thus the entire process will take at least 5 months.

      Steps involved in the strike off process


      Initial visit

      Fix up an appointment and visit our office with all your company related documents. If accounts are to be completed then bring along accounting invoices, bank statements and other expense vouchers. Our staff will go through it and ask for clarifications wherever necessary.


      Once the scope is clear, you will need to make the payment to us. You can pay by cash, nets or a locally issued check.

      Preparation of accounts

      We will send the details for accounts preparation (if applicable). This step usually takes 2-3 weeks. If accounts department has any further questions they will get in touch with you for clarifications. This clarifications can be done over email. Accounts once prepared will be sent for your review.

      Second visit

      Once the accounting task is over you will need to visit our office 2nd time. This time all shareholders and directors of the company need to visit with their NRIC / passport. In this visit you will sign all required forms and resolutions. In all approx. 8-10 documents needs to be signed. Once signing is done we will send company for strike off. We will track the strike off process and keep you updated of status.

      What if a director / shareholder is not available for personal visit

      Company can be still strike off. However for this the documents for this person needs to be signed off and notarised in the country of his residence and then these notarised documents needs to be couriered to us.

        In contrast to company incorporation, strike off is not a simple process. It’s a process spanned over 5 months and consist of 8 – 10 different resolutions, letters and confirmation. Because of complexity, engaging a professional firm for strike off is recommended.